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Change Your Vibe

Hustle Culture Change Your Vibe

At every moment, you can tell whether the vibe you're sending is excellent or negative by identifying the feeling you're experiencing. When you are hustling, you have got to sense at every moment the emotions that you emit or perhaps your vibes- and in the vibe' world, there are just two kinds of vibes; negative or positive. So when you make negative declarative statements, you're sending out and emitting negative vibes. The Law of Attraction then matches it by giving you more of the same. The law of attraction or sometimes abbreviated as (LOA), is the perception that the universe creates and provides what your thoughts are focused on. 

You can reset your vibe from a negative one to a good one by choosing different thoughts and words. It is simple as asking yourself, "So what do I want?" Instead of talking about what you don't want, talk about what you do want. Then watch how your words change; when your words change, the vibe changes. The key is that you can only have one vibe at a time. 

If you want to change your hustle, change your vibe. The cool thing about the law of attraction is that it needs to consider the past. It does not remember what vibe you sent out five minutes ago, five days ago, five months ago, or perhaps fifty years ago. The Law of Attraction does not keep a score of just how long you might have been sending out or perhaps emitting a lousy vibe. It is only checking on the vibe you're sending right now at this very moment. 

The Law of Attraction always matches the vibes of the present moment. So, you can choose whether to change your vibe or keep it. Today, If you do not like what you're getting, use your reset button to change your vibe, which will change the results you're experiencing.

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