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Hey! Give Me My Bike Back!

When I was a kid, my parent brought me a bike. It was a brand new Huffy BMX bike. When they gave me that bike, they had one rule. They told me never to allow anyone to ride my bike. However, one day one of the kids asked if they could ride my bike, and I foolishly allowed that kid to ride my bike. He took off with my bike as soon as he got on. That kid rode my bike for hours and would not give it back. I was frantic and scared, and I knew my parents would kill me if they found out I let someone ride my bike.

I kept thinking I wasn’t going back home without my bike. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, that kid came flying by me on my bike. I kept yelling at him to give me my bike back. This bully of a kid kept riding back and forth in front of me, taunting me and laughing. I was angry, furious, and, most importantly, desperate. I became so desperate that I ran after him as he rode my bike. While I don’t know where the speed came from, I ran the down the kid, and at full speed, I snatched the kid off the bike while he was riding it.

That bike is like our life. We are blessed with gifts, talents, and opportunities that belong to us, but we willfully allow the bullies of life to take them from us. We will enable it to happen even when it’s not intentional because we don’t fight back. We allow the bullies of life to torment us with things that belong to us! We must be vigilant and fight, protect, and chase down those who would take away our dreams, hopes, and desires. Only then can we ensure that what belongs to us will remain ours. Today become desperate and go back and get what belongs to you!

Remember that life is like a bike we must fight to keep. So, never give up, and don’t let anyone take away what belongs to you! Chase your dreams and be the best version of yourself! Lastly, please don’t tell my parents this story because I will get in trouble.

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