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One Day Mentality

One Day Mentality

Many people are busy trying to organize their lives to be someplace else. But, of course, all of us wish to be somewhere else geographically, perhaps financially or even relationally. The problem is that we want to be anywhere but where we currently are. We have been taught to believe that if we were anywhere outside our current reality, our lives would work --our lives would be better, and we would be happier. So instead of facing the unpleasantness or undesirable aspects of our lives, we escape to fantasy. This escapism is a drug that temporarily relieves a persistent problem of not living, thriving, and celebrating.  

Most people escape and develop a “one-day” mentality.  A “one-day”  mentality falsely believes they can control time by postponing taking control of their lives. They often say, "I can do it, but not today. I will get it done when…." They work with these excuses to remain in their comfort zones and fantasy. The trouble is that “one day” is an illusionary and undefined idea. “One Day” does not exist and ultimately never comes, although they keep fantasizing that it does. These illusions are very disempowering and cause frustration and disappointment for millions of people.

The truth, however,  is that today is all you have got. Tomorrow is not promised. If you genuinely want to live a good life, learn to live entirely in the moment. Being grateful for the moment doesn't mean you lose your purpose or drive; instead,  it allows you to relax and enjoy the ride. It is not enough to merely want more from life; you must appreciate where you are while clearly understanding where you want to be. Using “one day”  as an excuse to solve your problems will not create long-term success and fulfillment. 

Be truthful, and stop making excuses to make yourself feel better. A bit of pain is highly beneficial because it will at least provoke you to action. You can usually do something at any given moment to turn your ideas into reality. There's usually one small step you can take each day that will unlock your purpose. 

You do not have to wait for the proverbial  "one day when" or "when I am..." before you take action on your dreams and goals. The slightest goal acted upon today can make all the difference. 

It's crucial to recognize that the total value of pursuing one’s goals is not merely found in the result of the achievement; instead, the total weight can be found in pursuing it. Pursuing a goal is not only in achieving it but more so in the experience of obtaining it. Whatever goal or dream you're seeking, you'll most likely spend much more time pursuing it than actually achieving it, and many goals are an anti-climax when you reach them anyway. The process of obtaining a goal is where true fulfillment comes from. The experience causes you to grow and evolve into a better version of yourself versus being defined by the accumulation of the worldly things you desire.

Live in the moment, but know exactly where you're going. Be in the right now and celebrate the small blessing in your life. Hold onto them as the treasures you can have forever. Life isn't merely experienced in the day but also produced in the moment. Today may be the best time to design the next ten years of your life. Let knowledge serve your actions. Allow your actions today to determine your destiny. Move confidently in the path of your respective


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