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Self-love can feel like a complex concept to wrap our minds around. We constantly seek validation from others and find ourselves amid comparison traps, which take away from the energy we could put towards loving ourselves. However, when we shift our focus to God, it becomes easier to recognize how much he loves us exactly as we are. His unconditional and unending love assures us that we can be loved for our true selves.

Learning to love ourselves becomes much simpler when we fully receive God's love. This kind of self-love gives us inner confidence–knowing that no matter what, we will always be held in the arms of unconditional love. Instead of seeking outside validation, our hearts can rest knowing that God knows and loves us deeply, just as we are.

We all have moments when self-doubt or negative thoughts take over. When this happens, turn to God. His truth will remind you how much you are loved and cherished by the one who created you. Then, take a step back and recognize that God’s love for us is more significant than any external validation we might seek out. This kind of love brings freedom, assurance, and peace—the most liberating thing. So remember- The most liberating thing is loving God so much that you allow him to teach you how to love yourself.

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