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Six Powerful Tips To Build Your Self-Esteem


Six Powerful Tips To Build Your Self-Esteem

Picture yourself as a Dart Board and everyone and everything else around you as dart pins.  Dart pins are designed to destroy your self-esteem, overwhelm you,  and discourage you in ways you could never imagine. The key to developing your self-esteem is not allowing the darts to prevent you or get the best of you. Here are some helpful tips you can use to manage some of the darts that are in your life. 

Tip #1: Manage your Work Environment

Beware of a work environment where everyone else is fighting to get ahead. A horrible work environment is where unappreciative folks typically thrive. People will only appreciate your contributions when you are on the job. When you are hustling, there will be times when you will sacrifice lunch, dinner, and sleep trying to get things done. Let your sacrifice reflect your integrity and excellence, not your need for affirmation and validation. This is important because if you seek a claim and warranty, you create an environment where the unappreciative folks will take advantage of you and your time. You'll need to comply with unreasonable demands for proof if you don't mind. For example, you may feel overwhelmed and swamped with work; instead of acknowledging your hard work and effort and offering their assistance,  they may give you more work to do. Take time for yourself, don't always sacrifice your time. Disconnecting from your job helps you develop a workplace balance and increase self-esteem. Work Competition is everywhere, but you have to be wise enough to compete and have a balance in your life. Your goal should be to focus on healthy competition, which helps you grow personally and professionally, not competing with people. 

Tip #2: Navigate People's Negative Behavior

The world is full of haters, brown nosers, gossipmongers, whiners, backstabbers, envious, wounded, manipulators, naggers, complainers, bitters, patronizers, and plain lazy people. People's behaviors will affect their mental paradigms. Likewise, people's personalities will alter the way you believe. Therefore, be careful who you spend time with. You are the total of your relationships, so watch your relationships. 

Tip #3: Embrace Change

Change challenges everyone.  Change makes life hard for some; it can trigger emotional stress if you don’t embrace it. However, accepting change will help you discover ways to grow both personally and professionally. The change will be here permanently; we should be vulnerable to it and see it as an opportunity to grow. 

Tip #4: Overcome The  Past

It is important not to let past pain transform into today’s fear. You will have moments of failure. Don't let your past determine your future. When you walk out on faith, you will experience some level of disappointment, but don't let a setback hold you back. Treat each failure and mistake as a learning lesson.

Tip #5: Be Optimistic 

Could you monitor what you are looking at? Do not wrap yourself up in all of the negativities of the world. It kills your self-esteem. It is essential to be optimistic and figure out how to make the impossible possible, even in the worst scenarios. 

Tip #6: Control Your Identity

Your identity is shaped by your inherited traits (genetics), upbringing, and environmental surroundings. This includes your spouse, the company you work for, the local and national economies, and friendships. True success comes when you control your own identity. For example, if your father is a failure, it does not mean you must also be a failure. Learn by using other folk's experiences to avoid encountering the same mistakes.  Be determined to live your life based on your rules and your identity. 


You may be wondering what these six tips have to do with self-esteem. Would you please let me explain? You might sometimes wonder if some folks are born with high self-esteem. The answer is NO! High self-esteem is a choice, not a talent. You have a choice as to whether to build up your self-esteem. It is not easy, and it takes work. 

In life, it's challenging to maintain high self-esteem, especially when people and things around you continue to pull you down. Think about this! When you plan a trip, you must select the proper luggage; what you take is based on the environment you are traveling to. If a soldier goes to war, they must choose the weapons and armor needed to succeed in combat. Life gives us an array of choices and countless options.  While you may not know the outcome, you can be prepared for what comes your way by choosing wisely for your destination.  As with any trip and fight, there will be bumps and bruises. The key is to choose the life you want to live and fight for it. It would be best if you chose a Hustle  Life. A healthy and happy life is the embodiment of three things: our attitudes, behavior, and beliefs. These are the three things that you can control. 

Building self-esteem is a journey that will build self-improvement. However, this can only happen when you become accountable for who you are and what you are created to do. Self-Esteem is like a flame that slowly spreads from inside. When you build self-esteem, you have control over your discipline, values, and purpose. Self-esteem comes about through self-improvement, self-assessment, and self -perseverance. 

So, I am going to give you a Hustle Culture Co. Hack! You can use something today to start your journey to build your self-esteem. So, here you go: Be positive!

Today, be content and happy. Be appreciative. Take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate other people's accomplishments. Living a life of positivity will help you build self-esteem; this is one of the first steps you can take to start your journey. 

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