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The Dreamer

The Dreamer

I grew up being a dreamer. My amazing parents entertained approximately five zillion things that I wanted to do. They supported me from the NASA-themed Christmas because I wanted to be an astronaut to paying for me to go to college and helping every change in my major. My life was never filled with can't, but it was filled with “what if.” The possibilities of “what if”  were instilled in me as a child, and now is what allows me to keep my sanity in a world full of “no.” 

While my parents instilled in me a high level of optimism,  the world of work, with its systems of competition and criticism, is designed to kill your optimism and cause you to believe that you can't have it all and that “what if” is fool's gold. 

You can have it all. I mean, I have it all. But you can only have some pasta or all the cars in the world. I mean, have the life that you dream about.  However, you have to fight for it. The bigger your dream, the bigger the fight. The more you want to accomplish, the more battles you have to face, and the only way to win a war is to have a plan. 

Hustle and hope are nothing without a strategy. That is one of the reasons Hustle Culture is such a monumental book. It has taken me twenty years to learn all the skills, competencies, and principles designed to give you a plan of attack when activating your dreams. 

See, while you are a visionary, you are an anomaly! You stand out! You are different! Society needs help adapting to others. The club will spend time and money to get you to conform to their rules to abort the vision that is growing inside of you. However, to keep that vision alive, you must have a plan, and Hustle Culture will help you develop that plan. 

The main reason for this blog is to let you know that you can be whatever you want to be if you believe in and fight for it.

-See People Make Rules.

-People Tell You Can't Have It All. 

-But some people create new Rules.

-Some people have it all. 

What will you decide? 


Have a Hustle Culture Day!


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