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Build Your Self-Esteem By Choosing One Thing

Build Your Self-Esteem By Choosing One Thing

I have gone to many workshops where there is so much information that it sends the average person into information overload. I have learned that most individuals who attend these workshops freeze up and never take advantage of the options before them; consequently, they only accomplish something. These workshops have many great products and information to sell that could change their business, but they need to take the next step, which is ACTION.

When too many choices or options confront us, it is human nature to freeze up.  It can be frustrating, particularly if they seem like good choices.

My granddad used to point out, "A dog that chases two rabbits will not catch either one." So he attempted to explain just how crucial it is to choose one thing.

For example, how many eBooks have you purchased within the previous six months? How many of that numbers tell you exactly how to grow your business, improve your life, or even earn money online? If it is a book  as  good as Hustle Culture, the Ultimate Personal and Professional Development Guide, you will be inspired and think, "Yeah, I can do this." But two to three days later, after reading another truly great sales letter or you come across another advertisement on the internet, you are once again overcome with the desire to discover the expertise of the new offering. So, you purchase another great eBook, and once again, you are inspired and think:  "Yeah, I will do THIS.'

"Yeah, I will Do THIS' is a vicious cycle you may never experience, but it happens. I have done it and so have hundreds of others. 

So there you are with possibly dozens of great books with exciting and kick-butt ideas, and you do nothing. Your life is the same. Your business needs to progress. What happened? In reality, you have too many alternatives. You have options you don’t understand or know how to get started.  

Once, my mentor, a great leader, and educator, observed one of their managers dithering over what they should do next. Finally, after several moments of watching the manager, my mentor said, "Hey, you cannot do everything first."

Neither can you. If you find yourself in a situation where all your options are reasonable, it does not matter which one you decide on first. Throw a dart if you have to, but make a move. Make a choice. Get yourself into a place of HUSTLE.

For many individuals, getting into the Hustle means stepping into new territory and doing things they have never done before. So what? At the very least, it is exciting and fun. But it is never terrifying.

For example, If you believe that starting your very first company is terrifying, you must think again. See, dropping from a plane without a parachute is terrifying. But are you creating a small business? No... that is not scary; it is just not familiar. You either lack the knowledge to start a business or don’t know where to start. 

Bam! We have the primary reason most folks lock up whenever they face an extensive list of choices. The unfamiliar ground locks them up, causing them to believe they do not understand how to choose or get started. (They do, though they THINK they don't.)

Today, take that giant list of choices. Say there are fifteen things on it; as soon as you have examined everything on the list, pick just one thing. Trust me; you will still have plenty of options left. So choose only one thing and focus on accomplishing that one thing. 

Now you have a Hustle Culture Co. Agenda. One thing. No more indecision. Now, could you make it happen? 

Do It Today! The rest of the list will be waiting for you when you accomplish the first thing. See precisely how simple decision-making can be.

Have a Hustle Culture Co. Day! 


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