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Surviving Corporate Snakes: Lessons on Difficult People

Corporate Carnivores: Mastering the Maze of Workplace Snakes

Navigate through workplace challenges with Corporate Carnivores guide


Embark on the thrilling journey of navigating human dynamics in professional settings. The wisdom from my father during my drama-filled teen years was a game changer: "The only person you can truly change is yourself."

Understanding the Nature of 'Corporate Snakes':

In the corporate jungle, some colleagues resemble the king cobra—charming yet potentially venomous. A poignant tale teaches us that although we may try, altering someone's inherent nature is an uphill battle.

Strategies to Outsmart Corporate Snakes:

Maintain Your Distance: Minimize interaction with those who drain your energy or sabotage your peace at work.

Trust Your Instincts: If you sense danger, trust your gut—more often than not, it's right.

Guard Your Secrets: Protect your personal information from those who might twist it for their gain.

Stay Assertive: Confront manipulative behaviors head-on and protect your professional boundaries.

Be Ready to Walk Away: Recognize when a situation is beyond salvage and have the courage to step back.

Document Everything: Keep meticulous records. They're invaluable armor against false narratives.

Avoid Mind Games: Communicate in clear, direct speech. Cut through the haze of manipulation.

Stick to Facts: Keep any debates objective and rooted in verifiable information.

If Take It Personally: Negative behavior from others is a reflection of their weaknesses, not yours.

Lean on Your Support System: Cultivate relationships with those who inspire and uplift you.


Focus on steering your own career ship—enhance your resilience, practice self-care, and choose your associations wisely. Prayer or meditation can be your anchor in turbulent waters.


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