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I don't understand your journey; I just started learning mines.

It was a cold and rainy day in March 2020. I was sitting in my office, just knowing that the covid pandemic was beginning to take over the world, and I inwardly knew that the world would forever change. I was worried and, quite frankly, terrified, but I also knew that I had to stay strong and not let fear consume me. However, outside of the noise of social media, there was an awkward silence. For the first time, the world completely stopped. Everything from growing up, going to school, experiencing losses, divorce, being a parent, working, rebuilding my life, and anything else I neatly tucked away as I aimlessly managed life started to speak to me. It was like Sherlock Holmes, who lays out the elements and clues of mystery, like a puzzle needing to solve. Finally, who I was and who I was becoming became clear.

Thoughts of my past, present, and future became clear. All that seemed forgotten was unearthed as I faced reality that life as we knew it would never be the same. It felt like a rebirth for me. Silence reset me, and for the first time, I finally started to understand myself in a way that brought me peace and understanding.

During a season of unforeseen silence, I was able to bring closer to a season of my life. Finally, finally, I could regain control of the things that mattered most: my relationships, career, and, ultimately, my life.

Reflecting on this journey, it was a tough time for me, it was also one of the most powerful moments of clarity in my life. It taught me how to navigate the world's chaos better, find comfort in moments of uncertainty, and ultimately make decisions that bring me closer to what matters most.

This time it reminded me that we could be vital during tough times and that taking a moment for yourself is okay when life seems out of control. The silence made me realize that life is not something to manage but something too enjoyable. All the struggles and successes are significant in our journey; no matter what, we can always find joy if we are willing to seek it out.

I am no longer afraid of the future because I now realize what it takes to get through life: a mixture of faith, courage, and hopefulness. The silence made me stronger and more aware and gave me a newfound appreciation for life. Life is too short not to live with joy, fearlessness, and peace. As another year passes, I am thankful for the silence that made me understand what it truly means to live life. I hope everyone can find the same peace and understanding in life that I did. With a bit of faith and courage, who knows what great things are yet to come?

Have a Hustle Culture Day!

*'Hustle Culture Co. is my response to that silence. During the covid lockdown, i decided to create a lifestyle brand focused on helping people create a meaningful life of freedom and fulfillment. It is centered around hope and inspiration. The brand embodies the same idea of faith, courage, and hopefulness that I found in silence. Through my journey over this past year, I have created a platform to share stories and experiences from people worldwide. My mission is to empower people to see beyond their current circumstances and push for more meaningful, better lives. Through Hustle Culture Co., I aim to inspire others to find joy in life and continue to break down the walls of fear and silence. Let's keep hustling together!*


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