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Hustle Culture & Hip-Hop: The Birth of Urban Fashion

 The Hustle Culture Co. Story: Building a Legacy of Ambition and Innovation


First Steps

In the vibrant corridors of 1993, fresh out of high school, K.A. Perkins embarked on a journey that would redefine the intersection of faith, hip-hop, and urban fashion. With the creation of God Incorporated, Perkins introduced a clothing line that was more than fabric and thread—it was a statement, a blend of spiritual belief and the pulsating beats of hip-hop culture. Between 1993 and 1997, Perkins wasn't just designing clothes; he was crafting a narrative, writing poetry, and organizing conferences that delved deep into religion, urban culture, and artistic expression.


Fast forward to 2000, three years after he graduated from Central State University, Perkins ventured into a new realm—publishing. With the self-publication of his first book, "Off the Top of His Mind," a collection of poems, he dipped his toes into the vast ocean of publishing and personal development. It was a revelation. The academic world had not equipped him with the real-world skills he needed. But Perkins was a quick learner. He understood what it took to navigate the corporate culture and was eager to explore the realms of business and personal and professional development further.


Over the next two decades, Perkins was on a mission. He aimed to amalgamate everything he was passionate about—from artistic expression to career development—into one cohesive entity. This led to the formation of Empowering Life, a publishing and professional development company, and the evolution of G and P Unlimited Company, an urban fashion brand that continued to thrive and adapt.

We Are Here

Then, the world changed. The pandemic struck, upending lives and businesses. During this tumultuous period, Perkins, now a celebrated educator, speaker, and corporate executive, penned a book that encapsulated the essence of his life's learnings. "Hustle Culture" was not just a book; it was the culmination of years of experiences, skills, competencies, and principles that Perkins had mastered to navigate personal and professional challenges.

It was during the writing of "Hustle Culture" that an epiphany struck Perkins. Hustle culture was more than a concept confined within a book's pages. It was a blueprint, a manifesto for a new beginning. This realization was the birth of Hustle Culture Co., which would stand at the confluence of creativity and meaningful products and services. Perkins envisioned a brand that would embody the hustle spirit and empower individuals to navigate their personal and professional lives with resilience and purpose.


Today, Hustle Culture Co. is a beacon of innovation and leadership in the global movement toward positive and sustainable personal and professional development. It is a testament to Perkins' journey—a journey that began with a simple idea and transformed into a movement that inspires and empowers. Hustle Culture Co. is not just a company; it is a legacy that K.A. Perkins has built, brick by brick, with the mortar of his experiences, beliefs, and unyielding spirit of hustle.

As Hustle Culture Co. continues to grow and inspire, it remains a symbol of what can be achieved when creativity meets purpose, when hustle meets heart. It is a reminder that the journey of self-improvement and professional development is ongoing. With the right mindset and tools, anyone can navigate the complexities of the modern world. Welcome to Hustle Culture Co., where the hustle never stops, and the culture constantly evolves.Our Story - The Genesis of Hustle Culture Co.

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